February 15

5 Practical Outdoor Survival Gadgets to Consider

By Rob

February 15, 2022

Being able to rely on valuable gadgets no matter what situation you are faced with is crucial when you are in an outdoor situation.

For survivalists, these gadgets are essential.

They can help you survive in times of emergencies and disasters.

Survivalists use many tools and gadgets, including survival knives and survival kits.

This is a popular topic discussed in detail on survival forums and blogs.

To make it easy, I came up with a list of the five best outdoor survival gadgets that every survivalist should consider purchasing.

All of these gadgets will help survivalists improve their odds during a disaster.

When you are in survival mode, anything that can improve your odds of returning home safely is a good thing.

The main purpose behind these gadgets is to make your life easier.

Some survival devices were created as a response to these crazy circumstances.

In today's post I will describe the top five outdoor survival gadgets and why you should consider them.

I'll bet you'll quickly identify which ones you need.

Top 5 Outdoor Survival Gadgets

The first one I came up with is a bit out of the box, but I think it is overlooked in most cases.

The rest of the gadgets will be interesting, practical, and valuable.

1. Flint and Knife Bracelet

These are perfect for anyone, and most survival experts swear by them.

It's a little corded bracelet that fits your wrist and allows you to start fires without special preparation or equipment. 

  • It even gives you a very sharp knife for protection or anything else you need it for.
  • They are small and compact enough that they won't take up much room in your backpack.
  • They come in many different styles.

Some have matching knives, some come with a blade, and others with just a flat plate.

So no matter what type you choose, they work great for any survival situation you may encounter.

2. Solar Powered Charger

A solar-powered charger is used to charge small devices such as cell phones, radios, cameras, and lamps.

Solar Powered Charger

This type of gadget comes in handy for outdoor survival when many of you are out in the woods or a remote place.

A solar-powered charger is a must-have gadget for outdoor survival. Most of these types of gadgets are what they call 3 in 1.

This means you can charge your phone, listen to music, and carry a flashlight all in one compact device.

3. Portable Solar Cookers

Portable solar cookers are another popular outdoor survival gadget.

What I like about them is that you can use them anywhere you go, including at home if the power goes out.

outdoor survival gadgets

They work by taking a cooking pot and setting it on top of the solar heater.

The pot itself acts as a reservoir to collect energy from the sun.

This energy is used to heat the water inside the cooking pot.

There are many portable solar cookers available on the market.

4. UV Water Purification Tool

Most people agree that the bacteria and viruses that contaminate water threaten their health.

You can invest quite a bit of money into UV water purification systems.

outdoor survival gadget UV water purification tool (1)

They look like gadgets you would find in a lab but more like magic wands.

The best part is they work super fast, like under a minute, and then you have clean, purified water to drink or do whatever you need to do.

These UV water purification systems are small and compact, making them great for outdoor survival.

5. A Tent Hammock

Tent hammocks are great for all survivalists, they add extra comfort to your camp, and they are incredibly versatile.

I like tent hammocks because they keep you off the ground and protect you from outside intruders like mosquitoes and other insects.

While most tents are made out of nylon or canvas, hammocks are made from strong, durable materials.

They are light, easy to set up and provide a stable place to rest in just about any climate.

They come in various sizes to fit into just about any tent and come with ropes and a pocket for hanging.

Some models even have built-in pockets for hanging your small items, tools, etc.

I could go on and on with this list, but, in my experience, these are the five must-have gadgets for any outdoor survival kit.

Every day more and more are gadgets are being invented that make life easier, and no more so than for outdoor survivalists.

For example, in addition to containers and clothing that repel insects, there are now solar backpacks.

With solar panels that soak up the sun's energy while you hike, allowing you to store it for later use.

To sum it up

Before you start investing in cool gadgets, you always want to ensure that all of your basic needs are met.

I have seen people go out and buy dozens of gadgets, only to find out that they forgot their sleeping bag or their tents leaks.

So before you go out and spend big money on cool gadgets, make sure you have the basics first, such as a tent, sleeping bag, boots, and what I listed above.

It's much better to have a 6-month supply of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) along with some water jugs than to spend over a thousand dollars on cool gadgets.

But if you still insist on spending the money on cool gadgets, that's fine.

Just keep in mind that they are only beneficial for emergencies.

Never buy gadgets just because you want the latest and greatest.

Only buy what you need. But once you have the necessities met, then, by all means, invest in some gadgets that will make you feel more comfortable.

Being in survival mode is no fun, but there are ways to make it more comfortable.

Remember, preparing for natural disasters is not as easy as everyone makes it out to be here are some Dos and Don'ts that might help you out.

Don't lose your cool, and keep in mind that the best gadgets are not the most expensive.

It's the ones that are the most useful and will help you to stay safe.

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