November 10

Preparing for the Future Means Prepping for Today

By Rob

November 10, 2021

Being ready tomorrow means being ready today and understanding why preparing for the future as a prepper is essential for surviving.

Ready for the future, huh? Absolutely!

You’d better be! In our world of constant change, it’s important to always look to the future, whether days, months, years or even decades ahead.

As a prepper, you have a unique advantage in this regard.

With a prepper mindset, you’ll always be prepared for the future.

As a prepper, you’ll doubt your sanity regularly.

You’ll have to organize ahead of time and put up with some bit of inconveniences.

However, there is one issue with which you are powerless to deal.

For example, if you have a basement, you may need to clear a lot of space to store numerous large plastic bottles of water.

You understand the need to have safe drinking water, and you can never have too much on hand in case of an emergency.

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Because they aren’t prepared, others will not have to deal with this.

Buying food in quantity and storing it will be another inconvenience.

prepping for the future

Another headache you’ll have to deal with is rotating your food inventories and eating what will go bad.

So, these minor annoyances may make you wonder if it’s all worth it.

After all, the crisis could never occur.

How long will you continue to be prepared?

When you begin to doubt your purpose, you will lose your sense of self, and doubts will surface.

Please be assured that this is quite typical.

Anything Can Happen

A crisis may occur at any time.

  • For example, you may be preparing for a hurricane, but a terrorist assault could result in curfews.
  • You may be saving food for a possible snowstorm, but a river has blocked the major roadways.
  • When a crisis happens, simply being prepared provides you an advantage.
  • You’ll be calmer and less panicked than individuals who haven’t planned ahead of time.

In addition, you’ve boosted your odds of surviving for more than one crisis by preparing today.

Lower your risk

Typically, crises damage either people or property and, in most cases, both.

Being well-prepared reduces your risk.

For example, if you have a well-stocked first-aid kit at home, you can treat an injured family member.

If there is a water shortage and all you have is water in the swimming pool, you might treat it with a water purification tablet and drink it via water filtration equipment.

Of course, you can only perform this if you have these items on hand.

In this situation, it will reduce your chances of dehydration.

Skills take time

Some skills, such as first aid, unarmed combat, weapon proficiency, outdoor survival, and so on, take time to learn.

However, each of these abilities will be useful if the need arises.

Your first-aid abilities will come in handy if someone requires immediate CPR.

Knowing how to defend yourself or use a gun may save your life if violent people threaten you.

Plus, survival skills are essential if you’re bugging out in the wilderness.

Because it will take time to develop and master these abilities, starting now will put you in a far better position when a crisis occurs.

Mindset Matters when it comes to preparing for the futue

Being a survivalist necessitates a specific frame of mind.

You’ll need to be on your toes and alert to any potential danger.

You may need to be frugal with your finances in order to purchase and store the supplies you require.

Your mentality will determine the quality of your prepping skills.

As a result, get comfortable with your desire to be prepared.

There’s nothing wrong with being a little different from the crowd.

It’s preferable if you are.

Unfortunately, the sheep are frequently herded blindly to the slaughterhouse.

Be prepared and ready to go.

Learn about yourself and what you must do to survive.

Accept the situation. Put up with it.

Accept it and move on. You are a survivor, and you should be proud of yourself.

To sum it up

As preppers, we are always looking for ways to be ready for anything that comes our way.

Preparing for the future will help you survive the worst while also taking care of your loved ones.

You can easily do this while living your regular life.

These are just a few of the many simple steps you can take to be prepared for anything.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments below, and I will be sure to get back to you!

Also, please share this post with all of your survival and prepping peeps; this helps me out and helps me keep the lights on here at Total Prepping.

Thank you for reading!

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