October 23

Top 3 Survival Tips For Single Moms

By Rob

October 23, 2021

When it comes to survival tips for single moms, many variables come into play. 

As a single mother, your stress levels are higher than usual.

You have to take care of the kids, yourself, your career, all while trying to make ends meet.

No wonder stress levels are through the roof. But the lack of support the traditional family setup brings might make your life even harder.

Adding to that, finding time to spend with your children will always be difficult because you must balance your employment with your household tasks.

It isn't easy, but here's the truth:

It becomes even more difficult in a survival crisis.

For example, if a blizzard is on the way, you may be obliged to stay at home with your children for several days.

If your budget was limited, you might not have enough food on hand.

When law enforcement is overwhelmed by a natural disaster, criminals may opt to break into your home and steal what you have.

They may choose to do far worse. Are you adequately prepared? The majority of single moms are not.

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They lack the resources to prepare and rely on prayer to keep them safe. In this psot, we'll go over several precautions you should take to stay safe.

1. Awareness

To begin, you must understand where you stand and how well equipped you are.

Then, focus on saving little sums of money each month. It could be as little as a few dollars spent on a packet of crackers that you keep in your pantry.

It's this little small action that will make a difference in the long run.

Consume food that is nearing its expiration date. You will not have spent money on meals for that day if you do this. 

You can purchase the same meal and restock it. Always strive to better yourself in order to earn more money. 

Money is an important aspect of survival. Ask your children to find a part-time job if they are of an age to do so.

The extra money will be beneficial to all of you, and the employment will keep them out of trouble.

2. Trusted circle

Take the opportunity to form a support network. It could be a single friend or a small group of neighbors in whom you have faith.

If your house floods, you and your children could seek temporary shelter at a friend's residence.

trusted circle of friends survival tips for moms

If you get into problems, your children will be able to seek assistance from a trusted neighbor.

As a single mother, having a support network will be extremely beneficial in times of need.

There is no such thing as an island woman.

Follow these suggestions and you'll be on your way to a more prepared existence in no time.

A crisis can strike at any time, and proper planning will guarantee that you and your children endure whatever happens.

3. Lethal weapons

Save money till you can purchase a gun. This is going to be one of the best buys you'll ever make.

It will be far more difficult for a woman to protect herself against male attackers.

Pepper spray or a shock gun will work if you're outside and only one individual is coming to assault you.

These non-lethal weapons have the potential to be effective. 

On the other hand, Pepper spray will not aid in the event of a house invasion involving two or more perpetrators.

survival tips total prepping woman shooting a handgun

A firearm will save your life while also causing the criminals to flee. 

If you're on a low budget, a firearm is a better option than non-lethal weapons.

Whether you're alone outside or at home, you can use the gun.

To Sum it up

I hope this post can reach out to women who are in these unique circumstances.

Single mothers are often thought of as strong, self-sufficient women who can deal with anything

But, the truth is that being a single mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and it's important to have the help and support of others.

The tips provided in this post should help single mothers during their time of need.

It's an honor to have the opportunity to reach out to this group of people, and hopefully, our blog post will help mothers in the future. 

If there are any questions about this topic or anything else, please feel free to contact me on my contact page. Survival tips for single moms

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